Giveaway Terms

  • YouTube Video - Your channel must have 1k plus subscribers and 5 plus video posted earlier. You can get this giveaway unlimited times If you have many channels, but you need make unique video one on each channel. [ If your all subscribers & videos are grow from any smm panel or your channel is inactive we can't pay for it. ]


  • SMM XZ Panel are not responsible for any damage caused to you or to your business.
  • SMM XZ Panel is in no way liable for any account suspension or any sanction by any Social Media.


Create a video on youtube about SMM XZ Panel for example how to signup how to add funds and etc. And necessarily how to earn money by selling smm serviecs from SMM XZ Panel ( Title should be Include SMM XZ Panel - smm panel ) After you created video please send your video URL through ticket and you get $2-4

Attention: Use your referal link and get 2% commission