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We are Team SMMXZ world’s oldest & Most trusted social media marketing services provider!

SMMXZ Panel is world’s one of the  oldest & Most trusted social media marketing services provider ( Smm Panel ) since 2020, mostly known for best quality and dirt cheap social media services loved by more than 6000+ users till now!

Customer satisfaction is the one and only driving force that has made SMMXZ Panel smm service provider stands out from other smm panels.

We not only Support our customers, but take care of them like family

Satisfied customers are an asset to us and become valuable supporters of our brand recognition. At present, 6133+ registered users are with the SMMXZ family, and around 4 to 5 thousand orders are being placed and processed daily in this panel.


The Smm Panel business is a wide and complex one to run. It has many wings of activities to process. Without an organized administration of all the operations, there might be interruptions in service provision.

That is why most of the SMM panels have a bad reputation and receive lots of complaints about their service from customers. CP stands out from this accusation because its management body has strong authority over decision-making. With the supervisory and managerial functions, it empowers the process of controlling and sets the strategy and objectives from all directions.

There are five separate teams or units that make up our executive body. In order to maintain synchronization among these divisions of the working team, it has divided its departments into categories based on responsibilities.

01. Dedicated Customer Support Team

Instant customer service is very important to make customers happy and retain them. The  team performs as spokesman of a SMM panel to communicate with the customers either through ticket, SMS or over the phone call. SMMXZ Dedicated Customer Support Team remains active 24/7 hours and send reply ticket within 2 or 4 hours only.

02. Well Trained Technical Team

The technical team works on the functionality of customers' orders and maintenance on the basis of information and data collected from the customer support team.

For the betterment of smooth operation, well trained  team members suggest and instruct our customer through Support team. and to provide instant services technical team remains always alert to fix up all the functional issues occurred from the customer end.

03. Security & Development Team

Our security team has two divisions. One team watches over financial security, and the second team protects the accounts of customers.

In SMM panels payment or funds transaction between customers and panel are extremely frequent. as we have to deal with everyone from the novice to the business tycoon. One hundred percent transparency and security are crying out for fund transfers, whatever the amount is. Financial Security Teams looks after many issues like payment delayed to add; fund stuck not depositing; not refunded timely; particular payment method is not granted; entered wrong card information etc.

Account safety comes next, which is so crucial because there are so many hacking groups and scammers lurking around to commit fraud. CP Security has to be on high alert against this risk of hacking a customer's account following the many precautions of two-factor authentication.

These two units are committed to and responsible for assessing any safety risks or security threats that could affect our agency and our customers as well.

04. Genius Programmers Team

The SMMXZ programming team is made up of several computer programmers. These computer programmers usually are engaged to maintenance of the software that run the panel services. Smm panels are is fully technology oriented online business. This team develops Child Panel script or website to sell and install it into C-Panel for the customers facilities.

In addition, a lot of SMM panels offer services like software-generated traffic and social media likes, followers, subscriptions, and likes. These software applications are developed by the Programming team also. To do the task they have to work collaboratively on an individual sub-task within a larger programming project.

05. Top Level Marketing Team

The CP Marketing Team is founded with employees who are definitely specialized in related fields of digital marketing, information technology, and SEO. As we all know, marketing is the activity of communicating and offering services to sell that have value for customers, clients, and partners at large.

According to the "Seven P Formula," the CP marketing team focuses on these seven factors: product, price, promotion, place, packaging, positioning, and people.

A team of expert personnel collected, organized, and wrote down data about the market. Email marketing, content marketing, website marketing, and advertising in social media are our major marketing strategies for our own agency.

The expert hands of SEO team provide customer to rank their business high in the search engine. This team consists of content writers, digital marketers, website designers, and developers.

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